About Us

Visas2Go is recognised as a leading immigration consulting firm providing advice on immigration to Australia.

Visa consultancy service

We deal with all types of visa applications, in all degrees of complexity, and are able to assist you at any stage of your visa application, should you seek help pre or post lodgement or if you wish to make an appeal for your refused application. We understand how complicated visas can be and recognise the vastness of information that exists to comb through should you wish to undertake visa applications.


Why Choose US

Flexible Schedule

Book an appointment at your convenient time.Our agents will be available to address your concerns .

Affordable Package

Please select from our wide range of consulting services offered.We have offered some consultations free of cost to be there for you without more burden.

Special Offer

We offer discount coupons to our select clients for having more detailed discussions and more consultations.

Our Team

Our team prides itself in being fair, honest, comprehensive and accurate in our assessments and in the handling of each individual’s application. In turn we ask that you are candid with us so that we can provide maximum probability at minimum effort to you.

Certified Consultants